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Lately I’ve been imagining my adult self reliving one of my childhood memories. In these day dreams, sometimes the present me interacts with the past me; sometimes the present me is the past me; and still other times the present me becomes the past me, or vice versa.
I became interested to show the time passing and disappearing from my childhood photographs and I got interested to look at the created reflection of me from my past which is the child of me today against me now, at the present.
In my work I explore issues of memory, visions and time, identity and loss, presence and absence, and the relationship between the intimate and the public. In my project “Personville” I repeatedly mine my family's own photographic history, transforming images from my childhood and related signifiers by projecting them into settings of my home environment today.
These childhood images that I project, along with the few memories I recollect - have functioned as a productive means of self-knowledge and of self-presentation - as an elaborate autobiographical project. It is documented with a photograph – so it must have happened to me.
Photographs both define and remind us of our past. They can also promote realities that never existed which are exposed in works of my other projects.